More Parking spaces and no assigned parking!

As you may know, we the Residents and Surrounding Community of the atrium Court apartments, have dealt with the new changes to the parking lot here at Atrium Court 3801 Duckhorn Drive Sacramento, California 95834. Those effects took place December 18, 2006. What seemed like a rational way to give Residents their right to be the first one to park has escalated into a parking nightmare where residents are fearful of leaving their spots because they won\'t be able to find parking later. Not only this, but Atrium Court and the Myan Management Group have created an environment here, at Atrium Court, which has become unsafe and hostile. Residents are forced to side against one another when someone parks in their spot or the availability of space dwindles. There are not enough parking spaces available to Residents whether it is free or not. Atrium Ct. & Myan Management Group has created a disproportionate amount of reserved spots, some of which were raffled off. This left the free parking space few and far which sparked tension for spots among resident. This escalated rivalry at Atrium Court Apartments has prompted the surrounding neighborhood behind us to be tense as well. Nonetheless Residents and Community members feel, for some reason or another that it is alright to tow people\'s cars. Myan Management Group along with Atrium Apartments has forced Community members to become hostile, restless, and helpless as they are forced to fight Atrium Residents for parking spots in their neighborhood. Community member have posted flyers on Residents cars saying they have committed a \'class D traffic violation.\' This is misleading and untrue since it only applies to vehicles parked on sidewalks etc. Many of the times these are the same people who are helplessly trying to scurry items etc. to their apartment. Have you wondered why Myan Management group has hired Paladin Private Security I believe it was enacted to protect residents from other residents when the parking situation got out of hand like it is now. When is this bickering and tension over spots going to end Well it starts with you and me, the Residents of Atrium Court and the Community. Atrium Court Residents have a right under aricle1 section330-69 the right to 2 parking spaces per unit. When the need of the community is not met then provisions that govern it can enact to change it. This is what we want done on behalf of Atrium Court Apartments and the Myan Management Group: - Erase assigned parking spaces -create more parking spots on the field next to the apartment complex. -create the 2:1 parking spot ratio of 2 parking spots per apartment -let Myan Management group at Atrium Ct. know that we will not be mistreated or abused Let me say that this petition is not only for Atrium Court Residents. But it is also for Community members, and anyone who has visited this residence and anyone who has had their vehicle towed, stickered, papered etc as a result of being associated with this Apartment complex. By signing this petition this is what you want done. It will be mailed out April 15, 2005 with signatures from this website to Atrium Cort and Myan Management. You will make this change possible! The time to start talking and protesting unfair treatment and hostile unsafe environments is now! Let them know that we are not scared. These changes can only be done with your support. We have a right to be heard and to make decisions and bring upon changes in our environment. We have the right to live in a safe environment without fear. For if any of our rights are violated we have a right to move to a better place. We want equal and fair rights that respect us as residents and people of Natomas because we make a difference too. ****Our apartment is supposed to provides a means of shelter and be a great place to live. Let us see if Atrium Court Apartments can live up to this standard or not! ***** Here is a list of contact information for Residents and Community member to contact to let Atrium Court and the Myan Management Group know what we want and how we want it. Myan Management Group Corporate Headquarters 520 Silicon Drive SOUTHLAKE, TX 76092 Offices: 817-442-8200 Fax: 817-442-7802 Atrium Court 3801 Duckhorn Drive Sacramento, California 95834 Office: 916-419-4313 Fax: 916-848-3463 Please feel free to leave comments on any other issues at the Apartment complex on the site if possible.


I am an Atirum Court Resident that has gone through everything I have written. I would like to keep my identity anonymous just for the sake of the petition. I am not a part of Atrium Court Housing or Myan Management group.



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    Marina Komar, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I totally agree with the above. Every night when I come home I have to drive aroung for at least 30 minutes trying to find free spot. I got two cars and only one parking space. When I went to apartment management to ask for additional parking, I was told that we have a waiting list and no additional parking is available. So what should I do It is really frastrating to sit in a car for 30-45 min in the evening (around 10 of 11 pm) waiting for somebody to leave, when I have to be up at 5 am to go to work. We didn't had problem with parking before, spots were always available on the back of the apartments. This "reserved" parking only created huge problem for all of us. We have many spaces available, but we, residents of Atrium Court, can't park there even for 5 min because of the fear of car being towed. This is not right! I am asking, whoever is in charge of that, please change our parking situation!!!
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    Carrie Kurth, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I have not liked the parking arrangement since it started. I have two cars of which I have had since I moved into Atrium court, in January 05. I will not sell my car. Im tired of having to race home to get a parking spot, Its REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    surrounding neighborhood resident, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I find it offensive that you constantly disrespect my neighborhood and property and then ask for my help when it benefits you. If you know it is wrong to park on the streets of the neighborhoods, you should not be doing it in the first place. Therefore we elect to continue to have your vehicles ticketed and towed, one after another, as many already have been. It should never be an option to disregard other people just to avoid inconveniencing yourselves. If I cannot park in front of my own home half the time, which I own, why should it be any easier for you to park, you did it even before they permitted the parking anyways

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