Affirmative action

Presently there has been much debate raging on about affirmative action. The opponents of affirmative action have begun criticizing minorities and women, resulting in disunity and animosity. The present methods that affirmative action upholds are ineffectual and unnecessary. Affirmative action is in dire need of reform. A potential reform would be that affirmative action would work to help underprivileged children who have grown up in poor homes and have had inadequate schooling. Those are the children who are in need of affirmative action, not all minorities and women. Outreach programs, tutorial sessions, buddy-programs, etc. are all ideas that can be the foundation of programs that should be established for underpriveleged children - regardless of their gender or race. This petition will be sent to the Governor of Illinois, before something like Proposition 209 or Washington Initiative 200 gets passed in Illinois and abolishes the idea of affirmative action and its reform all together. The petition will be submitted as soon as an adequate number of people have responded. Thank you.


Amber A., a student from Loyola University Chicago is the sponsor of the petition.



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