Aeria Games and Entertainment Management Evaluation

This is a petition of Aeria Games and Entertainment, and its management system. As of late there have been some severe management issues that have caused several members to quit games. Many were cash buyers, whom spent cash not just for items but for the expansion of said games they played.

Recent rollbacks have caused several players from Scarlet Blade to quit, after learning that even with proof of drops and items held they were unable to get any compensation for their loss. All players lost exp, Rank Points(RP), or some other form of grinded affiliation, and several drops have been lost, thus causing loss in economic stabilization. As much as certain Game Masters(GM) have tried to help their hands were tied due to the management team, causing loss of digital items either bought through Aeria Points(AP), grinded, bought through in game gold, or bartered through trades. Granted some of these items are of no real value the time and effort gaining them is.

By signing this petition you are bringing up this issue and as a player you agree that things need to change. Not on a personal player level, but for a game community level. Without the community Aeria Games and Entertainment will lose money, thus will cause them to lose games to host. In turn will cause them to shut down.


  • Brianna Fraizer Quit treating the players as if you are doing us a favor by allowing us to play your free-to-play game. It will be free to play when i call my credit card company and request a chargeback! We are your customers, whether free players or paying players, you cant treat us like our issues are meaningless!

  • Nolan Colvert i am like all the other players i m tired of all the downtime and rollbacks..a lot of us lot stuff but it is useless to sent it in to u guys cuz it just gets deleted. i m about to breaking now and hunting a new server or a new game to play.

  • Verenios I agree, Enough is enough!

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