Acknowledgements policy of Wageningen University


PhDs, Employees, Students and Alumni at Wageningen UR,

observing that

the Academic Board of Wageningen University (WU) has restricted the content of the acknowledgements section (dankwoord) of a WU PhD thesis, such that it may no longer contain any religious expression,

considering that

- the content of the acknowledgements section is by nature completely separate from the scientific content of the thesis

- according to the new policy, a PhD candidate is still allowed to acknowledge relatives, friends, pets or any other creature, but not God

- the new, rigid policy unwantedly prevents PhD candidates to express their deepest motivations, of which religion may be an intrinsic ingredient, and may make them feel discriminated against

- Wageningen University is extreme in applying this restriction compared with other Dutch universities

kindly ask the Rector, as chairman of the ‘Academic Board’ of WU,

- to withdraw the current restriction and consider a different policy.


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    Rickdeb Sen

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    Granton Idyema

    10 months ago Position at Wageningen UR: 7. Alumnus
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    Peter Kampen

    10 months ago Position at Wageningen UR: 7. Alumnus
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