Abused By AT&T Wireless

I am a \"spokesperson\" for a group of current and former AT&T Wireless customers. We have all been victims of the AT&T Wireless system, in one way or another and have found that our individual complaints are being ignored. We feel that as a group we will be able to make a difference. We all want to be heard and have our problems fixed. We are preparing our attack and plan to involve the Media, law makers, the FCC, the BBB and possibly a law firm for a class action suit. If you would like to join us, sign the petition and e-mail me at pbmchris@comcast.net


We are determined to have our voices heard! Spread throughout the United States, we have found each other via the internet and have come together to fight this faceless giant together. As individuals we are vulnerable.. As a group we are VALUABLE!




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    Nioka Black, United States

    6 years ago State: FL
    Country: US
    Comments: Ever since Cingular was taken over by At&t we have had erroneous charges nearly every month. At first it was small charges under twenty dollars, now all of a sudden, our rollover minutes are gone (for years we have never gone under 3000) because we mainly talk mobile to mobile and have not had drastic changes, so what happened to our minutes They are charging us outrageous amounts that in usage charges that don't make sense, starting the very month they quit putting usage charges on the bill, and I can't get it online either! What are they up to!
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    Marcus Williams, United States

    7 years ago State: PA
    Country: US
    Comments: I signed up for the new 3G wireless internet service. It never worked well and it turned out that the problem is the actual card. It is defective. AT&T refuses to back up the defective product and will not replace it. I will never use them again.
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    Denik Denik, Malaysia

    7 years ago State: AK
    Country: AZ
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