Abuse of Power by Law enforcement agencies, and or officers

We demand justice for the cruel and unusual punishment carried out against American Citizens. Law enforcement must be punished for abuse of power; resulting in serious injury and or death of U.S. citizens. This punishment must be carried out as it would for any criminal found guilty of such crime; including law enforcement agencies and officers. Assault and Murder charges must be filed without leniency. This is a breach in trust that must be punished with a maximum sentencing for any who is found guilty of such offense. Such acts are considered acts of domestic terrorism against U.S. Citizens, and we demand action under the "Patriot Act".We, the undersigned, insist, that by the end of 2015, the American government, State and Federal, through their attorneys-general, unite to create a bill addressing the issue herein, similar to the Patriot Act Law in the United States.


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    3 months ago Comments: law enforcements abuse of powr is unbelievable.Like having an affair with a married woman and abusing thir power by having the husband locked up on bogus charges to the point of extraditing them from another state on a misdimenor charge and detaining that person for 6 months
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    5 months ago Comments: lying on police reports must stop
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    MissAlicia Marie, United States

    5 months ago Comments: -
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