Abolish Canada\'s Child Support Guidelines Now!

Child support is a necessity however the amount of support the payors are required to pay by law is excessive. It should not be geared to income but to the payor\'s ability to pay and to specific amounts they can pay as well as the cost of raising a child. The recipient\'s income must also be taken into account when determining support for children after all, they are also required to financially support the child(ren) too. What needs to happen is a complete adjustment of the Child Support Guidelines. Take the total greater income and make each party pay 50% of the guideline amount for that income. New Formula Should Be - For Example: Payors Income is $65,000/ammum Recipients Income is $20,000/annum Payors income is greater by $45,000/annum $45,000 1 child Current Guideline Amount: $415/month Take $415 and divide it in half and that equals $207.50 per month. This sounds more reasonable than the payor being responsible for $415/month. There is no accounting and proof requirement for how and where the child support is being spent. Most times the support is not going directly to the kids but is being pocketed by the recipient and spent on their own luxuries. The support should not be going toward the recipients partying, mortgages, owed debts, etc. We are calling on the Government to review and change the child support guideline amounts or to abolish the guidelines completely and go back to the way it was where judges decided on a case by case basis what the amount of child support should be. Please sign this petition and pass on the link to everyone you know for their signature. We need to make the system fair for everyone and soon.


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    travis walker, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Canada Fathers, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: The entire Candian Family Justice system has become a very big business and nedds to be restored by the government back to what it was meant to protect and do!
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    Nathan Knorr, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: How is it possible that something this obviously WRONGFULLY set up can still be in affect. Search "canadian child support petitions" and thousands apon thousands of petitions come up...That alone is a pretty obvious hint that something is not right with the guide lines.
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