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Abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913

7 Signatures Goal: 10,000,000

Petition to abolish the Federal Reserve. JFK signed an executive order to abolish the federal Reserve. We believe that he was assassinated by the Federal Reserve and covered up by the Warren Commission. Those that planned and responsible for he assassination still remain in power today through the United States government and the United Nation. This petitions looks to also abolish the strong arm of the federal Reserve which is the Council of Foreign Relations and any member affiliated with these branches of government.

We the people want to reinstate JFK's executive order to abolish the Federal Reserve, print U.S debt free currency and give full power back to the United Sates Treasury.
We also demand the records of JFK's assassination o be released and a full investigation by the people of the United States. American demand Justice and the abolish of the Federal Reserve.
This petition will be send to our congress, Supreme Court and military leaders.



July 9
We are all one and uniting
  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams United States, Glen Burnie
    Aug 18, 2015
    Aug 18, 2015
    Outstanding initiative, I will push this petition around as hard as I possibly can! All Americans should be disgusted to support such a sham government that regularly wastes your money and cannot even account for where a large portion is going.

    I watched in Iraq as they shipped in pallets of cash to buy information from the locals and god only knows what else it was used for. I watched and directly participated as ordered by my superiors while my assigned units in the US Army would spend needlessly on furniture for offices that they did not need, tools, miscellaneous items, and payed triple or more the retail price so they would continue getting the same amount of funding year after year, unit after unit, instead of saving money. I was told by KBR contractors in Iraq that we cannot get an air filter ($25) for our overpriced Ford Explorers (exploders) in Iraq because they were instructed to just get a new vehicle when needed. KBR I found out was on a cost-plus-percentage contract and still is for that "conflict".

    They literally make money by wasting tax money, they are one of many companies that do this for the DoD. Your cost of living is going up directly due to this kind of needless spending and it is time to have a responsible means of economic stability for this country. There is literally thousands of ways they waste your tax money every single day, including funding the death of foreigners who the media tries to dehumanize on a regular basis. Government contractors are highly over payed and serving in completely unnecessary job positions domestically and overseas that trained service members are already staffed and on site to perform.

    Stop letting them take advantage of you, stop being silent and okay with watching the tax rates rise and rise while certain individuals and virtual people (corporations) prosper off of your labors. Sign it, share it, stop the gangsters who control your country and do it in the name of freedom. I am telling you this as a combat veteran of this country, as a patriot, and a fellow human being.
  • steven maloney
    Dec 15, 2014
    Dec 15, 2014
    feds can suck it
  • Robert E. Garon
    Robert E. Garon United States, San Diego
    Sep 13, 2014
    Sep 13, 2014
    The finances of the United States are under the control of 125 banks, who make up the Federal Reserve. When they issue currency, they charge the U.S. Gov. interest as the currency is a loan. This is unconstitutional. How can we be a sovereign nation. Money rules in this society. It is time to take back the control of our country.


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    Raymond Bayder United States
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    Leila Amin Sobhani United States
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    Tony Williams United States
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    Rene United States
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    steven maloney United States
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    Robert E. Garon
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    Steven Maloney
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