ban the burka

YES the Burka should be banned it is the most intimidating garment and it hides a multitude of sins people who use motor cycles have to use helmets but they are made to remove them when entering banks and public buildings etc so why? should we be victimised us British citizens. As when stopped by the police we are made to remove the helmet to prove our identity is this not double standards?


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    LYNN GALVIN, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: YES! The Burka is a must ,,,,,to be banned.....
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    D Adamson, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    jabbar mohammed, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: so you want the government to ban the burka and breach our basic human rights which we as British citizens ARE ENTITLED TO and deserve just because you have to remove your helmet when talking to the police and how intimidating is a women covering her face compared to a man covering his face and because of the fact women cover there faces for religious reasons chances are they are not going to cause mischief whereas a guy with a motorbike what are the chances and look at the benefits of the burka. In a world where sexual-crime is rampant, the burqa denotes comfort, security and allows a woman her dignity. Burka protects from eve-teasers and anti-social elements as they don't get to see body. A covered body sends out a positive signal that says no sexual mischief will be tolerated. DO NOT BAN THE BURKA
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