More than 10 days today that Dr. Rajesh Talwar and his family have been continuously grilled. They have been subjected to immense mental torture. And after all this NOIDA police has yet to produce sufficient evidence against Dr. Rajesh Talwar, Dr. Nupur Talwar or Dr. Durani. Yet, Dr. Rajesh Talwar was arrested without any evidence or proof and abruptly shoved across to Dasna Jail. The lawyers, friends and the General Public still question the BASIS of the arrest. For a conviction in any crime, it is important to prove the motive of the crime. Noida police gave 2 motives - First that Aarushi did not approve of her father's affair with Dr. Anita Durani, and secondly that he was enraged to see Aarushi in an objectionable position with the 45 year old servant, Hemraj! The first theory has been denied by everyone including Dr.Durani, Dr.Nupur Talwar and the respective families. The 2nd theory has received a lot of flak and been rubbished from every single person who knew Aarushi including family, friends who were aghast to see the police so blatantly and unscrupulously character assassinating a sweet 14 year old after her sad demise. The Centre is going to demand an explanation from the Noida police regarding its statements on the murder of Arushi Talwar after allegations that it had slandered the teenager. Officials of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and the Woman and Child Development Ministry believe the police has violated the Juvenile Justice Act with the Hon Minister, Ms. Renuka Chaudhry demanding an enquiry. NOIDA police hasn't been able to produce any evidence other than weaving a whole web of lies to deliberately implicate Dr. Rajesh Talwar and somehow, protect their own reputation, since their follies are completely in public and Media view and attention now. Dr.Rajesh Talwar, accused by Noida police of killing his teenaged daughter Aarushi has deliberately been made into a Shocking Scapegoat by the Police to meet their own ends of wanting to crack a case someway or the other...No matter even if this has costed such dignified and innocent families their reputations! Its a time for every single one of us out there to tap our conscience and realize our social responsibility towards our fellow humans who are like You and me and Muster our Support for the Talwar Family at this hour of need. They say Drop by drop makes an ocean. One by One WE WILL COME TOGETHER irrespective of Who we are, where We Long as We Love Life and stand by Human Values. Check this out : Please Sign on...On this petition to mark your SUPPORT for the Talwar family and further pass this petition to as many people as you know asking them in turn to do the same. It will be a great act of service for a noble cause. United, We support the request of the Talwar family and their lawyers and as Citizens of a Democratic country join them in urging that the Govt take immediate steps to ensure that -- NOIDA police desist from any further questioning, investigating or probing into this case and hand it over to the CBI immediately. -- Mr.Rajesh Talwar be immediately handed over to the CBI; apprehending his well-being in police custody who can and have gone to any extent to cause him serious mental torture and unfathomable agony . We unanimously demand an impartial enquiry into the twin murders of Aarushi and Hemraj so that Truth can prevail...and Justice can happen.


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    sabira Hussein, India

    7 years ago Comments: Our hearts go out to the Talwars.. we have a single child and believe me as a mother my heart refuses to believe his guilt.. we have a similar situation..! girl child born after a 3 yr wait..its just slander a child so adorable and even more shameful of part of the Noida police is to arrest the father..they separated the parents when the both of them needed each others support to share the grief.. nupur talwar yr show of strenght is amazing and also heart wrenching.. mty support to u as amother.
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    Shweta trivedi, India

    7 years ago
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    dyuti, China

    7 years ago Comments: Please try to solve this case as soon as possible. Its not a joke that you all are coming up with som or the other story which is full of spices. Show som humanity and arrest the the prson involved in Arushi's murder case.
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