A new investigation of 9/11

It has been nearly a dozen years since the attacks of 9/11/01. The 9/11 commission report was poorly funded ( at one tenth the cost of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair ), totally incomplete and incompetent to boot. The Bush administration did everything it could to block and stall the investigation, so much so that it took two years to begin the process. In the intervening years much more evidence has come to light. Many books haver been written about the terrorist attacks and are easily obtainable through your local library, bookstores, Amazon, Ebay and a variety of other sources. It has become abundantly clear to WE THE PEOPLE, whose signatures appear below, that justice cries out for a NEW, UNBIASED and COMPLETE investigation of 9/11 We wish to address vital questions such as why our air defenses were unresponsive to the hijacked airplanes that flew for two hours unchallenged. Which persons and companies benefitted from suspicious trades known as short sales on American Airlines and United Airlines directly before the attacks? This indicates foreknowledge of the tragedies. Why was thermite found in abundance at the site indicating a detonation scenario at the WTC? Nanothermite has also been found in the blood and lung tissue of the first responders. Why? Why were all the security cameras taken by the FBI near the Pentagon ? Show us what is on them if you wish to prove that Flight #77 really did impact the Pentagon. The perpetrators of 9/11 did not all die that day on those aircraft. We fear that there are criminals among us, walking around freely, some possibly still in the government. To expose these criminals and their crimes is the key to reversing the American peoples losses of our Constitutional rights and Sovereignty.



  • patricia tyburski we will never forget, until we get a new investigation America cannot move forward.

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    patricia tyburski

    1 year ago Comments: we will never forget, until we get a new investigation America cannot move forward.
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    JOHN WAYNE STANIS, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Dear Sir, WEthepeople, need to stand-up for our Rights and to protect our liberty for all fellow brothers and sisters from all foreign and domestic attacks against our society, beliefs and our establishment. The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, insist, that the Laws be uphold by our legal system to protect us from Home Made Terrorist funding by American and Foreign Financial Tycoons and Insider(Traitors) in the Executive Branch Administration of the United States Government. I call upon all US Representatives of the Congresss and Senate, The Justice Department and the US President to protect our Guaranty Rights, Under the Human Rights Act , to open an new 911 Investigation against the Bush Administration in 2001. This accult group agenda for their NEW World ORDER/ONE WORLD ORDER, is a means for taking and killing innocent civilians WITHOUT CAUSE and to use us like puppets for wealthy and powerful that are controlling the world resouces, then our bodies and souls. Respectfully yours, John Wayne Stanis, Las Cruces, NM In conclusion, I have requested my US Congressman Steve Pearce of New Mexico for, a New 911 Investigation in the 911 Attackings and the whereabouts of the flight passengers and flight crews(over 269 souls). To, please, support this action Bill, 911 To Clear The Air Act, in Congress and the Senate and House Committees, under our Laws. Respectfully yours, John Wayne Stanis, Las Cruces, NM
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    Dale S phelps, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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