Backed by Truth, Fronted By Obama

Backed by Truth, Fronted By Obama Our candidate is an honorable man. We are honorable American citizens. We respect and admire Barack Obama\'s decision to keep this campaign on the issues. Now it has become increasingly clear that the issue is Senator Clinton\'s willingness to do anything and say anything to get elected, challenging Senator Obama\'s integrity, his position\'s, his readiness, and even his supporters, us! We have been brought into the fray as people who believe in fairy tales, who close our eyes to truths before us. To dispel that myth and clarify our candidate, we are requesting that the campaign, \'our campaign\', take Senator Clinton to task on several issues. 1. That we not


We are proud supporters of Senator Barack Obama. We are frustrated with a political system that rewards the distortion of truth, glosses over half truths, and turns a blind eye to blatant non truths. Although we\'d admonish a full out blood bath, we do recognize the urgent need for our candidate to fiercely, consistently, but eloquently shine the light of reality on Senator Clinton.



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    social bookmarking service, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Comments: FKSwpq Thanks so much for the article.Much thanks again.
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    DB, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Hillary's communication style is very colorful, as especially noted during the debates. She makes tall and exaggerated promises to the American People, why not may work when one is trying to win the nomination. Sometimes I wonder if the peoples of New Hampshire have buyers remorse She has been so disrespectful toward Senator Obama, even during the debates and at times I wonder if she can really help her behavior Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell just to name a few seem to be biased when they prob guest during interview Q & A sessions. Now it seems that the Fox Cable Network News has formed an alliance which has caused her to sell her soul. I could stoop to name calling, however the dems have suffered enough already! The media has given her the Rudy J treatment. Even with Obama's lead they still, for the most part say Clinton and Obama. Perhaps thats why they've called on her first
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    Jamahl, United States

    7 years ago
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