Withdraw from Seven50 (seven counties over 50 years)

We the undersigned, as residents of Martin County Florida, respectfully request the Martin County Board of County Commissioners to VOTE to REMOVE MARTIN COUNTY FROM THE SEVEN 50 PLAN. We believe all zoning and land use decisions for Martin County at large should be made by Martin County officials governing the political subdivisions within Martin County, be they the County Government when applicable or the City Governments when applicable. We do NOT wish to be governed in Land Use or Zoning Matters by any Regional Board or Committee which is not totally accountable to Martin County voters.


  • David S. Levine I moved o Martin County from Westchester County, NY. I saw the Federal Court and the Department of HUD destroy local zoning and now HUD is attempting to put a knife in Westchester's neck and destroy a once bucolic residential county and make it into another New York City with the attendant urban problems. This 7 Fifty proposal is nothing more than an attempt to do to South Florida what was done to Westchester.

  • Stephanie Austin STOP the transition to a regional form of government! Central planning is not our system of government! Please inform your friends and family around the nation and state.

  • Dr. Rich Swier Seven50 is a clear and present danger to local control of property rights and takes power away from our duly elected commissioners at the city and county levels. It is centralization writ large.

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    Barba Lee Bodnar, United States

    1 year ago Comments: My vote is for those that vote against the Seven/50
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    charles Tanner, United States

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    Delores L. Carlisle, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Our county officials have solely our interests
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