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We want a LOST (TV Show) video game. From Ubisoft!

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As a huge fan of the TV show LOST all I have wanted is a great LOST video game. Now I am making this petition for Ubisoft so that they can make a new LOST video game. Since they did a great job with Far Cry 3. If you want to see my pitch check out the video here.

LOST Video Game Pitch

If you can't watch the video here is what I want in the game.
In a nutshell the game would be open world like Far Cry 3. You would be able to explore 3 different versions of the island. Each version of the island would have it's own campaign.
Ancient Islander - Goal of this campaign is rid the island of Egyptians. Flashbacks will showcase this characters past as a war scout.
Dharma Islander - Goal of this campaign is to rid the island of hostiles, and find good locations for future stations. Flashbacks will showcase the birth of the dharma initiative.
815 survivor - Goal is to try, and find a way off the island. Flashbacks will showcase this characters issues with trust, and his mom.
-Everything should be explorable.
-Meet old, and new characters.
-Explains many mysteries.

Sign the petition to get this game made by Ubisoft! Spread this around if you want a LOST video game made! Thanks.



February 3
We are now live!
  • Andrew Zuperman
    Andrew Zuperman United States, Bethpage
    Feb 04, 2014
    Feb 04, 2014
    Good luck
  • Michael Mercadante
    Michael Mercadante United States, East Northport
    Feb 04, 2014
    Feb 04, 2014
    LOST: Via Domus was pretty disappointing, there are so many possibilites and so much potential for a LOST game now that the show is over. I really hope this happens.


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    Andrew Zuperman United States
    1 year ago
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    Michael Mercadante United States
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