Bring Professor Rashid Khalidi Back to RamPo

I, an open-minded, intellectually honest, and unprejudiced student of the Ramaz Upper School support The Ramaz Politics Society's (RamPo) event on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict headlined by Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi. I believe it is critical that Ramaz students are exposed to different perspectives and that open dialogue be encouraged at Ramaz—not limited. I call upon Head of School Mr. Shaviv to realize how important academic equitability is to the Ramaz community and reverse his prohibition on Professor Khalidi's address to RamPo.


  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Look at these Fools, It will be easy to wipe them off the Map

  • Reuven Feinstein The next thing you know, these foolish petitioners will be wanting to visit and honor Arafat's grave, just like those idiot Harvard students did, in a trip financed by Hillel!!! These Ramaz students think they can effectively match the well--honed smooth talk and outright lies of Rashid Khalidi. They wouldn't come even close to doing that. If they were alive during the Shoah, they would have been willing kapos.

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Why not invite Hamas as well? Spoiled Kapo Students

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