PETITION FOR FORENSIC INVESTIGATION INTO THE ATTACKS ON 9-11-2001 We the undersigned, hereby petition the United States Congress to commission a full, independent, professional Crime Scene Investigation of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, for the purpose of determining who was actually responsible for the attacks, who was complicit in the attacks, who gave their tacit consent for the attacks to proceed, and to determine the precise method used to fell the World Trade Center towers and Building #7, and to demand the declassification and immediate release of all heretofore unreleased documents and sealed testimony given to the (former) 9-11 Commission. We petition the United States Congress to IMMEDIATELY do the following: 1. Convene a NEW Investigative body, hereafter called


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Links - My book \"Land of Childhood\'s Fears\" - parallels war in Vietnam to War in Iraq - terrorist attacks of 9-11 - Against The war orgs. - Bush connected to Nazi Party - WTC collapse - WTC was demolished intentionally - WTC collapse may be due to a secret weapon.


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    a.c.hall, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: As a retired Fabricator/Welder living in the UK I saw on the morning of 9-11 a terrorist act of airliners used as missiles, when after just over an hour later both Towers collapsed,in a controlled, sequential manner it was obvious that an "Inside Job" had happened.Who had the Finance and Technology and Experienced Personnel and Access to the buildings; who also stood to gain the most financially?
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    Amanda Hugnkiss, United States

    5 years ago Comments: This is hillarious!!
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    Judy Wood, United States

    5 years ago Comments: The hypothesis that the WTC buildings were all destroyed in a way that has never been seen before is consistent with the use of Directed Energy Weapons. What is known is that the Twin Towers were turned to dust. Steven Jones has insisted that I produce ... calculations, but has made no such calculations for how much thermite would be required, nor how much thermate would be required, nor how much superthermite would be required, nor how much nano-enhanced thermite would be required, nor how much spray-on thermite would be required, nor how much of whatever he is now proposing would be required.
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