Bring Back 1 vs 100 on Xbox LIVE

It has been...

3 years since Microsoft cancelled 1 vs 100
(roughly)months since this petition was created

Do you remember the days back in 2009 when Microsoft had launched the NXE (New Xbox Experience)? A bit later, they launched the Primetime channel. Unfortunately, I never got to try out Primetime because I hadn't been using my Xbox at that time. I was busy with other things. I had eventually got on when they cancelled Primetime! I did updates and then I had to move on. One of the most popular shows in Primetime was 1 vs 100. I've seen many YouTube videos of people playing 1 vs 100 on Xbox. And it seemed to look good! (Although, the UK didn't have a host in the 2nd season which was a shame) So I thought since many people on YouTube wanted it back, I would create a petition for people to sign. So sign this if you want to bring 1 vs 100 back!

Follow my blog to keep up to date with how I'm doing and email this to friends who also would want 1 vs 100 back.
One episode of 1 vs 100 had 33,000+ players playing. So now 1000 signatures has gone to 33,000. That should be just about enough to properly convince Microsoft.
UPDATE: I will not be actively updating this page often. You are still free to sign (unless you are a spamming robot) and help this cause. I doubt we'd ever get there though.



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  • Joe Gray This would be awesome to see again!

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    Joe Gray

    3 months ago Comments: This would be awesome to see again!
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    Crafter, United Kingdom

    10 months ago Comments: Have seen videos on YouTube of other people playing it. Makes me wish I could've played it. So come on Microsoft, bring it back! Surprise us all when you bring out the Xbox One!
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    Enily Valentin, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I miss this game so much my family always got together to play!
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