Please, Please Run Bernardini and Discreet Cat in the Classic

Racing fans the world over implore you, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum,to run both of your mighty 3 year olds in the Breeder\'s Cup Classic. Ali had Frazier, Leonard had Hearns, Affirmed had Alydar. This could be one of the great days in thoroughbred history, if Bernie and the Cat push each other through that final classic furlong. Sheikh, if you truly want to give to the game what our publicity-starved game has given to you, start both Bernie and the Jet (Discreet Cat). Be a sportsman for the ages. Dare to be special. You have the chance to race the best versus the best and make our game what it can be: The most thrilling magnificent sport of all sports.


My name is Ernie Munick, a lifelong racing fan and a former oddsmaker, handicapper and racing writer for the New York Daily News(1986-1989).


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    John T. Carroll, Esq., United States

    8 years ago Comments: I saw Secretariat in person win the 1973 Belmont by 31 lenghts, I saw Seattle Slew in person win the 1977 Derbywhile undefeated, I saw Affirmed beat my beloved Affirmed in 1978 to win the last Triple Crown. These moments are just burned in my mind as a few of the incredible once in a lifetime thrills that few racing fans will ever experience. I was lucky enough to have more than one. You have an incredible opportunity to remind the sport of its splendor. Let's face it, racing has changed, money has consolidated the best sires and the purchase of yearlings. 2006 has been an incredible year for this crop. Please do the right thing for racing, race the best horse I've ever seen in person as a two-year old at Saratoga (which is why you bought him in the first place) against the more -experienced and the talented Bernardini (who I have seen and admired twice at Saratoga this past summer). With all due respect to you Sheikh, I have always admired you as a sportsman and a great proponent of the game, and now the time has come for you to show your love for the race as much as your love for the potential of the sires. Please do the right thing. At this point, it can't possibly be about the money. Best regards, A True Thoroughbred Racing Ran.
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    Leonard Pesce, United States

    9 years ago
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    Ed Behringer, United States

    9 years ago Comments: Your Highness, I know you truly love the sport, this could be the best thing to happen in a long long time to promote this glorious sport.
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