100 Rabbis for Lonna Kin

Lonna Kin of Monsey, New York needs a Get. Her husband Meir Kin received a civil divorce in 2007 and recently took the audacious step of remarrying on March 20 with the support of some Orthodox Rabbis in America. Meir Kin received written permission from 100 Rabbis to take a second wife, leaving Lonna Kin in a Halachic limbo.

As a symbolic gesture, I am seeking 100 Rabbis to sign this Letter of Compassion. 100 Rabbis sent letters of approval for Meir Kin to take a second wife. We need 100 Rabbis to say NO to the twisting of our sacred covenant by signing this Letter of Compassion to grant Lonna Kin a Get.

In the spirit of justice and in celebration of our Exodus from Egypt, I call upon you, the Rabbis of this great nation to stand with Lonna Kin by signing this Letter of Compassion to Meir Kin, asking that she be released from marital bondage and be granted a Get.


Marilyn Wacks
Montara, California

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  • Sarah I'm sorry I only found out about this several months late. I hope and pray to Hashem that Lonna Kin receives or has received the Get she so deserves. How can this twisted and sick person be allowed to do such a thing?!! She deserves to be given whatever was written in the Get that was agreed upon when she got married originally. May g-d be with her.

  • Benyamin Yosef First, Meir Kin is allowed to take a second wife for many reasons. He divorced his first wife (civilly) and deposited a GET at a Beit Din. His requests for money is for the damages his wife caused which is reasonable. Ten years of civil divorce litigation, slander, accusation, and more would easily cost $500,000 or more. This is not extortion, but just paying for damage, See Talmud Baba Kama. For Meir Kin to want to choose his own Beth Din is also perfectly legitimate. A Nitva (respondent) has the right to choose his own Beth Din. Whether or not Meir Kin has a Heter Meah Rabbanim (permission from 100 Rabbis) does not really matter that much as the Takanah (ruling) of Rabbi Gershon ran out in 1976 because a Takanah is law for only a thousand years. To read more about this go to: www.rabbigedaliadovschwartz.com

  • Rabbi Debra Cantor This is a hillul Hashem.

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