We demand immediate, unrestricted access to Australia for Syrian Refugees

We demand the incoming Australian Government begin to accept unconditionally refugees from the Syrian Civil War to re-settle in Australia if they so desire. Every effort should be made to make this information available to the refugee centres in the countries neighbouring the conflict (Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan) and their application be given PRIORITY status for re-settlement. In light of the damage to Australia's reputation its current asylum seeker policy has engendered and the dire need of our fellow human beings in the face of this clear and present humanitarian disaster, Australia has every incentive to show its better face to all.



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    Ujala, China

    1 year ago Comments: I keep wishing I were soemwhere else,Sailing down a strange new lake,Taking bearings I have never shotOn a course I've yet to taaaaakkkke. with apologies to whoever wrote It might as well be Spring http://hhwwgupnl.com tnvstjii mfjmqs
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    1 year ago Comments: Thanks to everyone that cotancted officials about Right to Know Spill Bill. We did not have much luck on the county level with getting bill on to the legislative calendar primarily due to political reasons. However, there is Statewide Right to KNow Spill that is coming and very encouraging we will let you know how you can support that when the times comes. Thanks!Also, we found out about a deal being kept in the dark to sell longterm lease our Nassau County 3 Sewage Treament Plants.(STP) This is not a good deal..even more loss of accountability for environmental concerns of pollutants into the bay and eventually our OCEAN, not wise for our wallets "back door tax and not good for long term fiscal responsibility of county " one shot budget fix." There are other ways to improve our STPS's. No to selling our ASSets . More info soon. http://gzfihsxy.com rqstdgcvrwg mlsqlq
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    Roshin, China

    1 year ago Comments: For about 45 seconds I thugoht, Wow! this is a great philosophy! I should be working all the time to what I would rather be doing now! Then I reflected (on the couple of beers that I've had), probably not an *all embracing* philosophy. If I were asked at the moment of getting a vaccine injection what I would rather be doing, it would not be getting a needle stuck in my arm. However, if asked while puking my guts out from the flu what I would rather be doing it would be pretty much anything.So, I am comfortable with reading and responding to Skepchick posts. I *think* that I would prefer to be independently wealthy and chilling on a cruising catamaran in the Bahamas, instead of eagerly embracing my U.S. federal holiday tomorrow (Memorial Day) as a reason not to go to work . but then, who knows what will happen on Tuesday at work???
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