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  • Bring Back The Cellar
    The Cellar closed down last summer, rumors there was not enough business. Though whatever the reason...
  • Anti-Bullying
    Dear Readers,   Bullying is a really serious issue. One out of every three students in middl...
  • Fans Saving the NFL
    This petition is to be signed by NFL fans, followers, or anyone interested in saving the NFL we all ...
  • Deny The "Execute Justice Bill" in the state of Ohio
    As Ohio heads toward a possible record number of executions this year, 2 lawmakers have introduced l...
  • Say No to SB1070
    Thanks to people like you I would hopefully get enough so the SB1070 could go for a judicial review....
  • Help Save The Lodge
    We, the undersigned support the granting of the licence issued to Thirst Lodge, Oxford on 10 Decembe...
  • Test514
  • Morgan out
    We the genuine Rovers supporters want the Board to sack Justin Morgan with immediate effect.
  • bahraini
    الدعم لحكومة البحرين
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  • noora waheeb mohamed
    ادعم حكومة البحرين
  • Help me stay
    Hi if you are reading this you are already half way to helping me stay in the US. I know what you ar...
    A recent study showed pit bulls have better temperaments than other dogs, disproving perceptions t...
  • test
    We are against tests.
  • Stop Medicare From Denying A Drug
    Medicare is denying drug.  By signing this petition, you are protesting this change.