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  • Don't shut down
    Dont shut down we have been on that site having fun for years so dont shut it down
  • NAATI Accredited Kurdish Interpreters required
    Thank you for signing Australian-Kurdish Interpreters Petition. Here's the petition for you and the ...
  • Mr
    Don't fund Jihadists
  • JiggleBillyTV VODS
    We as JiggleBilly Fans want the BIG FUCKING PLAYS, the HUGE MAD, and the BOSS DANCING! We wanna watc...
  • We want the S-tank in WoT
    The dev team has "promised" to implement tanks if you collect 300,000 signatures so lets get this do...
  • Start Broadcasting AMC in the uk
    Ive been annoyed recently because i have been missing my favorite US Shows for example Breaking Bad,...
  • peter answer
    lauren likes isaiah blackmon isaiah is not a virgin kanani goes out with blackmon tre likes elizabe...
  • Make Jess, Myn.
    Poor Jess decided to change her name to Myn years ago, but no-one took any notice which is why she's...
  • Free Ronald sanford
    Please sign this free Ronald Sandford petition. He is a convicted murderer when 13 years old but ha...
  • Frisbee Dog
    This petition is in order to address the fact that fans of "Autistic Humour" wish for the page to be...
  • I want a kitten.
    I just want to get a kitten and this petition will help for my mom to let me get one I think.
  • Test Petition
  • Lazy People for Low Income People
    Dear Payment Services Provider, It is beyond genuine dispute that, in America, we are shifting tow...
  • Petition To stop Common Core In the Cleveland Diocese
    To: Bishop Lennon and Diocesan Leaders We, the undersigned, ask Bishop Lennon and all of the Dioces...
  • Do you hate swag?
    We from the facebook page Anti-swag want you to join this petition if you hate swag! 500 please