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The Internet Petitions - Page 160

Online petitions related to the Internet, hosted at iPetitions, the leading site for online activism and grassroots democracy. Online petitions in this category include petitions related to Internet and telecoms policy, the creation and use of new software tools like browsers, and other issues that affect how we use the Internet. Use an online petition, for example, to voice your opinion on net neutrality, online copyright, Internet taxation, and other pressing legal matters. You can also use this category to complain (or praise) the behavior of leading Internet software companies.

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  • Save online tablature!
    In late December of 2005, the Music Publishers\' Association has declared online tablature to be ill...
    This petition will help stop the sending and recieving of chain letters. PLEASE SIGN!
  • Anti Internet Harrassment
    As you can guess, I\'ve formed this petition as myself and other members of ProfileHeaven have been ...
  • UnbanRS
    Grettings. This petition is to Jagex, the company what supports the amazing only role playing game...
  • UnbanRepent
    Repentless was unfairly banned from #General_Discussion in the Shurtugal irc by Jake for using the n...
  • Bring Pob Back!
    We demand you unban Pobert, he is the life of HF, the heart, the soul, WE NEED HIM. HF will turn int...
  • Restore the thieves as they were
    We - Xavus players - want you - Xavus Staff - to restore the thieves. Players don\'t have good xp s...
  • Petition for Steph & Broc to come back to PW
    Steph and Broc, We miss you on PW. Please come back
  • tibia open source otserver ot
    Well i have see a lot of people talking about the open server. Well CipSoft says that are ilegals. B...
  • Sharkman a mod
    Sharkman has been a friend of everyone at FF and should be mod.
  • MyCoke Survey
    I think Mycoke Players Should Get Free Furni Because im a mycoke Moderator and I hate to see people ...
  • Il faut r
    Le forum de est ferm
  • Les Freezes de Free
    Nous demandons
  • End Tibia!!
    There is very subordinating game Tibia. People (people) are beat colleagues to her (it) in state (co...
  • Ban Internet Explorer
    We will Ban(veto) Microsoft from creating and distributing Internet Explorer